timber fin balustrade detail 2

Timber Fin Balustrade Detail for a New Terrace

This is an advanced detail study for a timber fin balustrade detail serving a new terrace at our renovation and extension project near Corbridge, Northumberland.

Each Accoya fin will be rotated at a different angle with an aim of blocking strong westerly winds and views in from the nearby public road, but the stunning southern country views out from the terrace will be as unbroken as possible. This will create a protected terrace for the inhabitants to be outside and enjoy the landscape in privacy.⁣

The steel fixings will emerge in the gaps between the timber decking panels and will fix to the fins with large industrial scale bolts.

The terrace will be drained by tapered foam glass sheets, a hidden valley gutter and internal rain water pipes. The resulting aesthetic will be that of a carefully crafted and unbroken timber box.⁣ ⁣

timber fin balustrade detail 1
timber fin balustrade detail 3