Planning Submitted for Bungalow Conversion

Planning Submitted for our Bungalow Conversion Project in Hexham

After receiving a gleaming response to our Pre Application Enquiry, we have now submitted for Full Planning Permission for our bungalow conversion project in Hexham.

The existing extensions to the front of the property will be stripped back. The bungalow will then be remoulded as a clean rectangular floor plan and will present as a traditional 1.5 storey house form.

We have also proposed to separate the building from the neighbouring property so that the bungalow is fully detached. That way we can slip in a new side access to the back garden.

We have located the main living space to the front of the property so that it can spill out onto the small south facing garden.

The house is positioned high above the public road below, meaning that by planting new trees and with some clever landscaping the sun trap patio area will be very private.