Reiver Village


This is a design for a housing development in Northumberland. The development will consist of 8 properties based on three house types: bungalow, semi-detached and detached.

Our aim for the project is to provide highly sustainable and eco-friendly homes, including renewable energy systems and adopting carbon conscious modern methods of construction.

The narrative for the project is to create a micro-community within the site and to remind inhabitants of their local history. This will create a sense of place and induce a feeling of belonging. We aim to achieve this by referencing historical structures and materials in the new architecture.

The client has requested that the architecture is in keeping with the local vernacular and respects the sites location within the conservation area.

Although constructed using modern methods, the buildings will present as traditional Northumberland homes, built of stone and slate. This will create a feeling of robustness, quality, low maintenance and most importantly permanence.

Our architecture will provide practical spaces bathed in natural light, which will bring people together and create stronger connections with the outdoors. There will also be small design interventions such as exciting apertures and subtle material changes.


Feasibility Study


2 Acres


Housing Development


Private Client